Are Warts Contagious?

Most warts are extremely contagious. They can be passed from one person to another by contact. When children have a wart on their hand and they hug their mother by wrapping their hands around her neck, it is possible for her to get a wart on the back of her neck. Children are usually responsible for passing warts around and causing them to spread.

When children have warts on their hands it is the most dangerous place to have them. This is because children often rub their eyes, touch their face and other parts of their body. Warts can spread by touching them.

Warts can also be passed through the use of a towel that is contaminated. If there is a towel hanging in the bathroom people use to dry their hands after they wash them, this towel can hold the virus of a wart and cause another person to get a wart. It is advised to never use community towels with children who have warts and to use separate towels and things.

Genital warts are also very contagious also. These types of warts are often passed through anal, vaginal, and oral sex. If you or your partner has genital warts it is very important to have protected sex or not have sex at all.

When a woman has genital warts they can actually grow and spread on the cervix. The cervix is inside of the vagina. A woman may go for a long time without knowing she has warts on the inside of her vagina or on the cervix. These warts can be passed to a sexual partner and the woman will not even know it.

Hygiene is vital when someone in your family or that you have contact with has warts. It is important to keep these things in mind and not share towels or touch things that a wart may come in contact with.

You should never touch someone’s wart because you may develop one. Women who are sexually active should always have a yearly exam to be sure they do not have any genital warts on their cervix.

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