Treatment and Removal

We could go on and on all day about the common Wart, the various types of warts – the best way to treat them and how to best manage any medication associated with it but truth be told most people with a wart, regardless of where it is or what type it is only want one thing – To Get Rid of It!

Getting rid of warts is only half the problem however, because until you know what type of wart you are dealing with, simply ‘getting rid of it’ may not necessarily remove the wart completely or permanently.

With that in mind, here are the most effective methods for treating and removing warts.
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How To Remove Warts Through Natural Wart Removal

It is generally accepted that people prefer natural wart removal to surgical treatments such as freezing, cauterizing or other such surgical methods. For most people, just thinking about the procedure frightens them as well as the idea that these methods often leave scars. Many people would prefer not to have the scars just as much as they do not want the skin tumor. In addition, the price of surgical treatments can run into several hundreds of dollars. On top of that, there is also the chance the process may need to be repeated as professional treatments are not always successful the first time.

Improving the immune system is one of the most frequently used methods for natural wart removal. Consuming foods rich in Vitamin C is how this procedure is done. The recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C may be provided by oranges and other citrus fruits as well as the vegetable spinach. Another possible solution is to take nutritional supplements which contain Vitamin C as a natural wart removal. An effective dose is between one and five grams a day, much less than the recommended daily allowance of 60 grams.

Reishi, maitake and shitake mushrooms are also used for natural wart removal. They also can be taken to enhance the immune system and some individuals believe these items are more effective than Vitamin C. If you cannot find the mushrooms themselves in grocery stores, then supplements based on these mushrooms can be found in health food stores.

Natural wart removal can also be done with the use of Aloe Vera. This plant provides an extract which can be used in many ways. The juice of the Aloe Vera plant improves the immune system. In addition, many creams are made from this plant and when applied to skin tumors can serve as a natural wart removal method.

Banana skins can also be used for natural wart removal. Take a banana skin and place it on the affected area and then cover it with duct tape. Although this procedure has served to remove skin tumors for many people, this treatment is somewhat time-consuming as it may need to be repeated several times until the blemish is removed.

Natural wart removal treatments do not have to be complicated to be effective. The ones mentioned here are easy to find, cheap to purchase and are effective in the majority of natural wart removal cases. However, if you are looking for a procedure which does not take as long, then you need to seek professional remedies. Most, if not all, of the cost for these treatments is covered by insurance. However, people run the risk of getting scars, something which typically does not happen with natural wart removal processes.