Causes of Warts

Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus. This virus does not affect every person in the same way.

This is because all bodies are different and react to viruses and infections differently. Some people are less prone to develop a wart and may never get one in their lifetime, while other people may develop many warts on different areas of their body often.

The human papillomavirus comes in over 100 different strands.

This virus develops in the epidermis of the skin and can cause warts all over the body. Warts can grow anywhere on the skin, on the genitals and the rectal area, and even on the inside of your mouth. The most common types of warts develop on the fingers and hands.

The cause of the human papillomavirus is unknown. This virus is not one that can be treated or minimized in individuals because there is not a cure for the virus. Doctors know how to treat warts when they arise from the virus but they do not have a cure on preventing them from developing on the skin or throughout other parts of the body.

Because there are so many strands of the human papilla virus, there are hundreds of different types of warts. Not all warts can be treated the same way. Some warts can be treated and removed with basic over-the-counter medication in just a few days while other types of warts may remain for months and be very difficult to remove.

It is also common for a wart to grow back in the original location also. Not all warts act or look the same because they may come from different strands of the virus.

Some warts may be very painful while others may remain unfelt by the person who has the wart. Some people might choose not to remove a wart if it is not painful and if it is not on an area of the body where it is entirely visible to the public. It is usually up to the person who has the wart.

In addition, the most painful warts are usually the parts of the body where the skin is thinner or if the wart is a plantar wart. If a wart is constantly irritated by rubbing up against something or stepped on (on the bottom of a foot), this can be the cause of the pain.

pictures of different types of warts

Some Pictures of Different Types of Warts