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Overview Of Common Genital Warts Treatments: Podophyllum resin and Bichloracetic acid treatments

Those suffering from genital warts should be made aware of most discouraging fact that no cure for this infection is made possible yet. Research projects are underway and developments seen around the glob to find permanent genital wart cure have not found any option yet. Some websites claim complete cure but they simply befool sufferers by treating external genital wart appearances. They don’t offer permanent solution to eliminate this virus that has causal relationship with genital warts.

Human papillomavirus causes genital warts. Also called HPV, this virus causes warts which are mostly harmless and are not painful in initial stage. Once these warts are pulled or pinched unbearable pain starts. Many genital wart remover creams are available which eliminate such warts without causing pain. But the major problem is that they may reoccur after certain period. Genital warts can’t reoccur if HPV virus is killed properly. But the unfortunate thing is that medical science has still not investigated such devices or medicine yet which may kill this virus. Efforts are still continue though.

In genital warts treatments doctors usually recommend Podofilox gel or Podophyllum resin. As Podophyllum resin comes with side effects and may causes some burning sensation nearby the area where it is applied doctors always advise to use a bit petroleum jelly in the genital warts to lessen such sensation. As petroleum jelly doesn’t retort with Podophyllum resin it is helpful in protecting skin from any bad impact from this specific medicine.

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