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Seeking Wart Removal

Wart removal is usually best left to a skin doctor or a dermatologist. However, there may be times when you want to know if you can take care of the warts yourself. If this is the case, then you are definitely going to need to read up on the different types of skin tags, moles and warts that are common skin ailments.

Basically speaking, there are four general kinds of warts that you can get including flat warts, common warts and plantar warts, as well any type of genital warts, which are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. If you ever suspect that you have genital warts, then it is best that you see a physician for guidance and/or to have them removed. Venereal warts are always going to need to be treated by a professional due to the type of lesion that they are.

Other varieties of warts, such as the common wart, can generally be eliminated by simply using over the counter products or remedies that you can find at your local drugstore. Plantar warts can be a bit trickier and will at times need to be removed by a doctor.

Flat warts are also removable with over the counter products. You may start to notice that you have a common wart developing on your hands if there happens to be any skin that is cracked or broken.

If you need to get rid of plantar warts, then you might need to seek the advice of your doctor. These warts are found on the sole and toes of feet and can become very painful and cause you to not be able to walk very well. In the case of flat warts, they need to be watched as they can spread and expand in numbers quickly.

Additionally, they can become very uncomfortable and itchy and difficult to deal with. Finding the best over the counter medicine for these warts can be tricky; therefore, you might need to ask your doctor which is the best one for wart removal.

Warts and skin tags or lesions can be a big hassle to deal with, but have likely happened to everyone at some point in their life. Seeking the help of a professional is the only option at times, especially if the only way to remove the wart is by cauterization or surgery. Cauterization is the burning off of the warts or the moles using a laser. This type of wart removal is a medical treatment that can only be done by a doctor.

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